Miyu Yoshimoto 吉本実憂


Name: Miyu Yoshimoto / 吉本実憂
Date of Birth: 1996年12月28日
Birthplace: Fukuoka Prefecture, Kitakyushu City
Blood type: AB
Height: 160 cm
Debut: 2012 - 13th All Japan National Girl Contest Grand Prix
(Shared the top prize with Nanaka Ozawa)
Activities: Model, Actress
Hobby: Dance
Accomplishment: took part in Kitakyushu's 小倉祇園太鼓(こくらぎおんだいこ)
Kokura Gion Daiko, a very famous festival which is now almost
400 years old.
Agency: Oscar Promotion

Jun Amaki 天木じゅん

Birthdate: 16th October 1995
Birthplace: Hyogo, Japan
Height: 148cm
Measurements: 88/59/83 - I cup

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Amaki Jun is signed on to Alice Project.

She was a member of Pa-Ken! before moving on to Armor Girls and Kamen Joshi. She was also a member of Pureful, Idol Yokai Kawayushi♥, Machikado Keiki☆Japan↑ , and Poison Iinkai.

She graduated from Armor Girls/Kamen Joshi in March 2015 (along with a lot of other Alice Project talent). I previously posted about her in the Alice Project Company thread in "The Official J-Music Artist Threads" section of the forum. But since she has stayed signed on to the agency and is continuing in her work as a gravure idol and to persue her dream of becoming an actress, I have created her own thread in the Ladylove section.

Here is my digest version of Amaki Jun's history of being an idol, mostly taken from Pokotan and Gao-san's blogs.


12/30 – First post on the AJ rookie blog


01/11 – Started own blog
01/15 – Visit to Tokyo/agency
01/23 – Move from Hyogo to Tokyo (to live alone)
01/25 – 1st PARMS appearance
03/02 – 1st appearance in Natsu da ne☆
03/18 – announcement of joining Machikado Keiki☆JAPAN↑
04/07 - Machikado Keiki☆JAPAN↑ live debut
04/17 - Machikado Keiki☆JAPAN↑ 1st single release
05/06 Pa-Ken! Members announcement
05/25 Pa-Ken! KKS live debut
06/15 2nd generation Poison Iinkai debut
08/24 Promotion to full Pa-Ken! Member
10/16 18th birthday
10/20 Idol Yokai Kawayushi♥ live debut
10/21 18th birthday seitansai
11/16 Idol Yokai Kawayushi♥ major debut single
12/30 Final show as Pa-Ken!
12/31 Armor Girls live debut


02/08 TV show about living alone in Tokyo (show with her mum)
02/18 Debut live with Kamen Joshi
04/16 Kamen Joshi billboard posted next to Akiba JR
05/03 Zepp Tokyo 1st
06/15 Debut live with Pureful
06/21-22 Armor Girls 1st one-man-live two days
07/17 1st Young Jump appearance
07/22 1st Weekly Playboy appearance
09/19 1st Young Gangan appearance
10/13 Zepp Tokyo 2nd
10/15 Kamen Joshi billboard removal
10/16 19th birthday
10/22 Tokyo Makita Sports Jun-chan’s apartment episode
10/24 1st Bitter magazine appearance
11/05 Appointed to Kamen Joshi rapper
11/08 19th birthday seitansai
11/14 Young Animal NEXT Gravure Queen Battle 3rd season start
12/20 Machikado Keiki☆Kamen Joshi↑ relaunch


01/06 “Genki da ne☆” 1st Oricon weekly #1
01/07 “Kamen Joshi no Yappa Zenryoka da ne~!” first regular terrestrial TV show
01/09 1st Bomb magazine appearance
01/24 1st SMART magazine appearance
02/13 Winner of Young Animal NEXT Gravure Queen Battle 3rd season
02/19 1-bu Final PARMS performance
02/20 “Mizugi Kamen” 3-nin photobook released
02/23 Final Alice Project satsuei-kai
02/26 Jun gets a parakeet called “Chome-chan” as a pet
02/28 Final satsuei-kai (non-AP FOTO-JO)
03/11 Official graduation announcement

Saaya Irie Cosplay

Japanese Gravure Idol Saaya Irie cosplay as Jill Valentine of Resident Evil.


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[WPB-net] 2015.02 No.179 Hinako Sano 佐野ひなこ relax over the weekend [117p]

[WPB-net] 2015.02 No.179 Hinako Sano 佐野ひなこ relax over the weekend [117p]

Yuno Akuzawa 安久澤ユノ

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